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Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Member of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science).

Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the city of Almaty.

He was born on April 25, 1950, in the Kazakh SSR; Taldy-Kurgan region; Sarkand district; Antonovka village.

He received higher education at Kazakh Pedagogical Institute named after Abai with a major in drawing teacher, Alma-Ata Institute of National Economy with a major in accountant-economist.

Work experience:

1967 - Installation worker at the Balkhashpromstroy Trust;

1975-1976 - Lecturer at the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute;

1976-1979 - Head of the Alma-Ata city student team of conductors;

1979-1987 - Chairman of the trade union committee of the car depot No.7 of the Alma-Ata railway branch;

1987-1994 - Director of the Almaty City Art and Design Industrial Factory;

1994-2002 - President of Almatygoroformleniye SJSC;

11.2002-10.2014 - Secretary of the Almaty City Maslikhat

Other posts:

Chairman of the Association of Maslikhat Deputies of Kazakhstan RPA (2010);

Member of the Republican Commission on State Symbols under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

State and international awards, prizes, honorary titles:

Parasat Order (2005);

Medals: “Astana”, “10th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “10th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2005), “10th anniversary of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Astananyn 10 zhyldygy”, “Kazakhstannyn enbek sinirgen kyzmetkeri”, medal of the Nur Otan NDP “Belsendi kyzmetі ushіn", "Qazaqstan Tauelsіzdіgіne 20 zhyl";

Honored Worker of Kazakhstan

Military service, military and special ranks, class ranks:

Service in the Soviet Army (1967-1971)