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Date of birth: 26.01.1961

Place of birth: KazSSR; Dzhambul region; Merke district; Akkainar village

Marital status, family ties: married with two children

Languages: Kazakh, Russian.

  • Education, major (qualification), licenses:
  • Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute (1983)
  • Civil engineer
  • International Labor Academy (2004)
  • University named after D.A. Kunaev (2011)
  • Lawyer

Academic ranks, degrees, activities:

Candidate of Technical Sciences, thesis topic: "Development of specific criteria for limitation and methods of regulation of the level of air pollution in the conditions of heating enterprises" (2007)

Work experience:

  • Road foreman of the Taldinsky District Motor Road (1983);
  • Geodetic engineer, foreman of the Mobile Mechanical Division at the Karagandapromstroy trust (1983-1985);
  • Secretary of the Komsomol committee, instructor, head of department of the Almaty City Committee of the Lenin Communist Youth Union of Kazakhstan (1985-1991);
  • Head in commercial organizations (1992-2002);
  • Assistant to Akim of Mangystau region (06-12.2002);
  • Head of the Mangystau Region Akim’s Office (12.2002-02.2004);
  • Deputy Akim of Mangistau Region (02.2004-01.2005);
  • Deputy Head of the Almaty Akim’s Office (01.2005-06.2006);
  • Director of the Almaty Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (06.2006-2008);
  • Head of the Almaty Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (03.2008-2010);
  • Akim of Medeu district of Almaty (28.12.2010-05.2016);
  • Deputy Akim of Almaty (05.2016-04.2019);
  • Akim of Medeu district of Almaty (04.2019-08.2020)

State and international awards, prizes, honorary titles:

  • “Kurmet” (2010);
  • “Parasat” (2016).