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11.08.2020 5

Senate members Gumar Dyussembayev and Lyazzat Suleimen inspected the road construction progress, large production facilities and medical institutions in Atyrau region.

11.08.2020 3

Senate members Rashit Akimov and Dauren Adilbekov paid visits to the districts of Akmola region.

11.08.2020 7

Senate Deputy Ryskali Abdikerov visited Nyry district in Karaganda region. Representatives of local executive authorities assured the Senator that rural entrepreneurship is currently intensively developing in the region. The villagers began to actively use the instruments of state support to start their own small businesses using the instruments of state programmes “Auyl – El Besigi” and “Employment Roadmap”.

10.08.2020 5

The Deputy of the Senate, Ryskali Abdikerov continues his trip to Karaganda region. This time, the Senator visited Osakarovskiy district, where more than 40 projects to create new jobs are being implemented within the framework of two state programs “Auyl - El Besigi” and “Employment Roadmap” at once. Almost KZT 3 billion has been allocated for these purposes and about 210 local residents have already been employed.

10.08.2020 6

The Deputy of the Senate, Lyazzat Suleimen, monitors the situation with medicines in Karaganda region. The senator visits hospitals, dispensary centers and warehouses of the region's pharmacy chains. She talks not only with the medical staff, but also with the patients themselves.

10.08.2020 5

The Deputy of the Senate, Murat Baktiyaruly, visited Kazaly district of Kyzylorda region. Currently, 42 projects are being implemented here worth more than KZT 3 billion under Employment Roadmap 2020-2021 State Program. The Senator checked out the construction of several new schools and kindergartens in different villages of the region. Moreover, he assessed the scale of work on gasification of remote settlements in the region.

07.08.2020 11
Senate Deputies Dinar Nuketayeva and Nurtore Zhussip visited the Almaty Center for Special Social Services. In a conversation with the staff of the Center, the Senators noted that this area was one of the priorities, which had been repeatedly mentioned by the Head of State.
07.08.2020 14

Senate Deputy Bakytzhan Zhumagulov visited the dendrological park of A. Bukeikhan Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry (KRIFA).

07.08.2020 14

Deputy of the Parliament Senate Saule Aitpayeva is visiting Akmola region.

07.08.2020 13

During the trip to North-Kazakhstan region Yerik Sultanov visited Kyzylzhar, Akkaiyn, Aiyrtau and Yessil districts. Deputy akim of the region Gani Nygymetov informed the Senator of the ongoing social projects and development of the region in general.

07.08.2020 12

Sarsenbay Yensegenov, terminating his activity as a Senate Deputy, summarizes the results at the reporting meetings with the citizens of Atyrau region.

06.08.2020 14

Senate Deputy Dana Nurzhigitova is asking the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Healthcare to investigate the situation with “overreporting” for medical services that were not provided and punish those responsible. The senator stated this on her page on social media.

06.08.2020 14

Senator Ryskali Abdikerov continues to monitor availability of medicines and their cost in pharmacies of Karaganda region that he is visiting. The Deputy noted that the local authorities should be sensitive to the citizens’ requests and prevent recurrence of the situation with deficit of medicines during the pandemic.

05.08.2020 12
Ryskali Abdikerov, Deputy of the Senate of the Parliament is visiting Karaganda region. The Senator met with the people from several districts of the region and visited construction facilities, schools and healthcare institutions. First of all, he asked about housing provision for healthcare workers and young families. 
05.08.2020 12

Senator Baktybay Chelpekov is visiting Mangistau region where he has already had several meetings with the leadership of the region, maslikhat deputies, businessmen, public activists and educators. Talking to the heads of various agencies the Senate Deputy discussed the plans for the further development of the region.