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Senators have traveled to the regions and are providing assistance in flood control

09.04.2024 221

Senate deputies Alibek Nautiev and Shakarym Buktugutov are in East Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions, where they are engaged in providing assistance to fellow countrymen in flood control.

Alibek Nautiev got acquainted with the situation related to flood waters in Atyrau region. He is directly involved in the work of the emergency response headquarters. In addition, the deputy visited the districts of Taldykol, Saraishik, Tandai, Esmakhan, Gozdikara and Makhambet district.

"The flood gusts on the Zhaiyk River coming from the territory of the West Kazakhstan region are very strong. Residents of settlements along the river are engaged in strengthening the shore and fighting the flood. There are 17 settlements along the Zhaiyk River in Makhambet district. Now our headquarters is implementing organizational measures to provide the necessary equipment and fuel. Flood control works are carried out in all settlements. However, additional equipment is still needed", Senator Nautiev said.

In turn, Deputy Shakarym Buktugutov is in the East Kazakhstan region to assist in flood control measures. In the Shemoikhinsky district, the deputy met with local residents and the leadership of the district and examined the main waterway of the district – the Ubu River. In the Glubokovsky district, he carefully studied the condition of the Belousovsky reservoir and the drainage system in the settlement, checking the readiness of the emergency service.

"Significant work has already been carried out in the city of Ridder to clean riverbeds, streams and canals, which helped to avoid serious flooding. It is necessary to continue working in this direction as the second wave of snow and precipitation melting is coming. In this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the work on the prevention of flood control measures", the senator said.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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