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Senator Vladimir Volkov checks the construction progress of pedestrian bridge at Shamalgan station

14.01.2020 87

Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vladimir Volkov is on a working trip to Karasai district of Almaty region.

During the trip, the Senator visited the local poultry factory, Alel-Agro JSC, located in Umtyl rural district. At the meeting, citizens voiced complaints about the bad smell coming from the factory. Representatives of the local executive authorities of Umtyl and Yeltai rural districts were invited to consider these complaints: employees of the prosecutor's office, departments of architecture, land relations, entrepreneurship, agriculture, as well as heads of the district department of quality and safety of goods and services.

The management of the factory explained that as the signal was received, the disposal of the carrion was stopped. “The furnace has not been working since December 10, 2019, it is planned to completely dismantle it. Production waste is now taken away, according to agreements with other organizations for their further disposal. The disinfection was promised to be carried out during the day, without causing disturbance to the summer residents,” explained the poultry factory representatives. Vladimir Volkov asked the district’s activists to take this issue under control.

Then the Senator went to Shamalgan station to take a look at the construction progress of the pedestrian overpass over the railway. It should be recalled that in 2018, a group of the Senate members sent deputy inquiries addressed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Mamin. The reason was the numerous appeals of local residents related to the lack of a pedestrian bridge, as well as a road overpass at this site. Having studied the design and estimate documentation, as well as technical specifications, Vladimir Volkov noted that the facility should be convenient for the residents of the area.

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