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Senators concerned about untimely examination of infants and disease prevention

14.01.2020 95

Members of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerbolat Mukayev and Nariman Turegaliyev, visited Burlinsky district of West Kazakhstan region.

The Senate members learned about the state of medical services at the district hospital. The Senators are concerned about the untimely examination of infants and prevention of diseases. The number of children with speech and hearing impairment has increased in recent years. Doctors attribute this to business of parents, their frequent unwillingness to pay more attention to timely examination and sports development of children. The number of overweight children and adults is increasing in the district.

Medical workers complain that the district needs 15 doctors of various specialties. “The lack of personnel, as in other regions, is due to the lack of 25% of rural benefits. At the same time, there are private medical clinics in the district center. Highly qualified specialists go to these institutions, which offer high salaries,” added budget workers.

The Senators also paid attention to the problems of children with disabilities. 40 children with the central nervous system disorder are registered in the rehabilitation center at the hospital, half of them have learned to sit on their own thanks to the help of specialists.

During a meeting with teachers, the Senators discussed the state program for the development of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025 and the new law "On the status of a teacher."

Teachers suggested introducing extra payment to teachers who provide mentoring in kindergartens by analogy with mentoring in schools. N. Turegaliyev noted that this issue has been taken under control and is being discussed with representatives of sector ministries. In addition, teachers raised issues about the salaries of school and kindergarten managers. The Senator explained that the salary of the heads of educational institutions will be increased from 2020, and it is also planned to provide an additional payment for managerial skill from 2022.

At the meeting with the district’s activists, the novelties relating to the new format of the TSA, the amendments made to the Criminal Code in terms of enhancement of liability for violence and livestock stealing, were explained. Residents of the district raised issues relating to determining the status of Kentubek village, strengthening the banks along the Ural River in the area of Zharsuat village, raising the salaries of civil servants, etc.

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