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D. Nazarbayeva: Senators will work on laws to increase guarantees of protection of citizens’ rights

23.01.2020 186

A meeting of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held under the chairmanship of Dariga Nazarbayeva.

In her introductory remarks, the Senate Speaker stressed that the deputies went to the regions, where they got acquainted with the situation, as the implementation of laws, government programs, the activities of local executive bodies. “The results of these trips will become the basis for parliamentary inquiries, will be discussed at parliamentary hearings, government hours and other meetings, and will be included in the recommendations and work plans of the committees,” D. Nazarbayeva said.

The head of the Senate instructed the House committees to coordinate legislative work with the developers of bills. The government approved the plan for 2020, which includes 17 draft laws aimed at solving the most important issues, instructions of the First President – Elbasy, and the Head of State.

Separately, the Chairman of the Senate focused on the main tasks of the Chamber in the framework of the National Action Plan for the implementation of the Address of President K. Tokayev “Constructive public dialogue as the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.

Dariga Nazarbayeva instructed senators to pay special attention to the issues of increasing guarantees of protection of citizens’ rights, strengthening the responsibility of law enforcement officers for provocative actions, ensuring the interpretation of all contradictions in the legislation in favor of citizens and businesses, creating equal conditions for them in relations with state bodies, expanding the independence and responsibility of district, city and rural levels of government.

Also in her speech, the Head of the Upper House of Parliament noted the need for Parliamentary Hearings on such topics as “State of light industry in Kazakhstan”, “Development of the agro-industrial complex”, “Development of the transit potential of Kazakhstan”.

During the meeting, the Speaker of the Upper House spoke about the work of the councils created under the Senate. According to D. Nazarbayeva, in preparation for the parliamentary hearings, there were many meetings with representatives of the agricultural industry. “It is obvious that the issues raised by them require a broader discussion. There is a need to create a Council for agro-industrial complex under the Senate,” the head of the Chamber said. D. Nazarbayeva informed that in order to consider proposals for improving legislation in the field of youth policy, the Youth Council under the Senate of the Parliament started working in December.

Deputy Chairman of the Senate Bektas Beknazarov spoke on the first item on the agenda. He told about the results of 460 meetings of senators in the regions of the country, including in the most remote villages and auls. Vice-Speaker informed his colleagues about the comments and suggestions made by citizens in the regions on improving the current legislation: “During the meetings with the population, critical comments were made about the imperfection of legislation on the payment of a single aggregate payment, conditions for receiving targeted social assistance, as well as the formation of budgets for rural settlements (level 4) and the definition of main rural settlements in the framework of the special project “Auyl – El besigi”.

During the session, the Senate adopted the law “On ratification of the Protocol on amendments and additions to the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation on the creation of the Baiterek space rocket complex at the Baikonur cosmodrome on December 22, 2004”.

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