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Meetings of senators on the fields of PACE

31.01.2020 454

During the January PACE session, Senate deputies Rashit Akimov, Sarsenbay Yensegenov and Yerbulat Mukayev held talks with members of the parliamentary delegations of Latvia and Romania and also attended a meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the Parliamentary Assembly.

During the meetings, the senators noted the importance of developing partnership relations with the Council of Europe and the country’s intention to work on the qualitative content of this cooperation.

European parliamentarians were briefed on the work being done by Kazakhstan to join a number of European conventions and plans to open a Council of Europe office in Kazakhstan. The interlocutors were very interested in the information provided by the Kazakhstani deputies about the political reforms being carried out in the country, including the democratization of the public administration system, the development of multiparty system and civil society.

The head of the Latvian delegation to PACE, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly I. Lībiņa-Egnere stressed trust-based political dialogue between the two countries, which successfully developed close contacts in politics, economy and culture. The Deputy Speaker of the Latvian Saeima called for closer development of the inter-parliamentary dialogue, including within the framework of the Parliamentary Assembly and invited Kazakhstani deputies to visit Latvia.

Romanian MPs Yu. Bulay, A. Nicolae and V. Badea praised the level of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Romania, calling for the intensification of work on the diversification of trade and economic cooperation, development of transit-transport potential of both countries and cultural ties, including the exchange of students.  V. Badea, who is responsible in the upper house of the Romanian Parliament for relations with the Romanian diaspora abroad, noted that ethnic Romanians living in Kazakhstan are a living bridge between the two states. At the same time, the uniqueness of Kazakhstan’s model of inter-ethnic harmony and the importance of such an instrument as the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan were noted. At the end of the meeting, the parties called for the activation of inter-parliamentary contacts through friendship groups operating in the parliaments of both countries.

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