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D. Nazarbayeva: Today we all need mutual responsibility, solidarity and mutual assistance

17.03.2020 146

Dear Kazakhstanis,

The state of emergency announced by the President of the country K.K. Tokayev is a timely and necessary measure.

Our common goal is to prevent the coronavirus infection from spreading, prevent its negative impact on the economy of Kazakhstan and people’s lives.

All public services and akimats are mobilized to ensure the safety of citizens and solve the issue of uninterrupted supply of everything necessary to people.

Currently, healthcare workers require maximum assistance and support, since they are at the forefront of the fight against this disease; people’s lives and health depend on their expertise and responsibility.

We should be understanding of the actions of law enforcement agencies and the inevitable restrictions associated with the need to ensure the order and security of the citizens in the state of emergency.

The task of government authorities is to provide transparent and reliable information concerning the pandemic and efforts undertaken to combat it.

The spread of panic, rumors and misinformation should be resolutely suppressed. Alarmists and agents provocateurs are the enemies, just like the coronavirus.

Our common success in countering the pandemic depends, in the first place, on the responsible attitude of the entire society, all citizens of the country, us – Kazakhstanis. Keeping calm, discipline, maintaining hygiene, self-isolation, taking care of yourself and your loved ones are the main weapons in the fight against the virus.

Today we all need mutual responsibility, solidarity and mutual assistance.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Together we will win!

A separate report on the Senate working pattern:

The Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is operating under normal conditions. However, for the purpose of the prevention of coronavirus, the deputies will mainly focus on working in the committees. The senators will work on draft laws and collect materials for parliamentary hearings.


Chairperson of the Senate of the Parliament

of the Republic of Kazakhstan                                                                             D.N. Nazarbayeva

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