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Dariga Nazarbayeva: Not a Single Citizen of Our Country will be left without Support in the Period of these Bitter Trials

09.04.2020 503

At a meeting of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dariga Nazarbayeva addressed the deputies.

At the beginning of her speech, the Senate Speaker emphasized the importance of the Elbasy’s article where he analyzed deeply the global situation that arose due to the coronavirus pandemic and praised the measures taken by the state to protect people’s health, support the country’s citizens and economy under these difficult conditions.

“As the First President of the country emphasized, indeed, a lot has been done to stabilize the situation, and regular efforts are still being taken in this direction. The most important thing is to understand that not a single person, not a single citizen of our country will be left without support in the period of these bitter trials. The state has all the necessary resources for this,” D. Nazarbayeva said.

The Head of the Senate emphasized that, unfortunately, great and right deeds sometimes became clear and obvious in times of crisis when a disaster had occurred. Today it can be clearly seen how Elbasy’s forward-looking policy of establishing the National Fund, diversifying the economy, developing agriculture and infrastructure has created the very “safety cushion” that provides the basic stability of the state, economic and social systems of Kazakhstan, and which will allow us to overcome another a crisis. “I am absolutely sure that our country, our people will overcome it and become even stronger,” D. Nazarbayeva said.

The Head of the Upper Chamber noted that Elbasy fully supported the crisis measures taken by the country’s leadership and called on everyone to support the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and the Government. “I believe I will express the common opinion of all senators if I say that yesterday’s address delivered by the Leader of the Nation will give a new impetus to our efforts in the fight against the crisis,” she said.

According to D. Nazarbayeva, the most important thing today is to introduce these important measures and ensure their clear and effective implementation locally. “We all see and know that, unfortunately, it is local execution that often raises a lot of questions. Now everyone has heard of examples of bureaucratic formalities and administrative zeal, or even abuse of power. I’m sure they will achieve their due,” she said.

D. Nazarbayeva turned separate attention to digitalization and noted that the battle test had revealed a lot of problems in the operation of the state information resources and electronic services, while emphasizing that the state program Digital Kazakhstan needed to be urgently reviewed with due attention to the problems exposed by the crisis.

“Deputies have repeatedly mentioned the bureaucracy’s weak interest in accelerating work on digitalization of the country’s management system and economy and on putting statistics in order. Now we all see that we can’t wait any longer. We have to act,” she said.

On behalf of the senators and on her own behalf, Dariga Nazarbayeva expressed sincere gratitude to the Kazakh people, who always rallied and showed unity in difficult times, to every citizen of the country for understanding and patience. In addition, D. Nazarbayeva expressed her condolences to all families who lost their loved ones, and also wished those who got ill to recover quickly.

The Head of the Senate particularly emphasized the importance of citizens who continued their work under the severe conditions, such as healthcare staff, law enforcement officials, military personnel and volunteers. “It’s very hard to all of them, because they are now defending people in hospitals and infection departments, at roadblocks and in the streets – they are treating, saving lives, preventing the spread of the virus, providing order and safety, while showing their heroism daily. I am sure that every Kazakhstani will join me today in a sense of gratitude to those who are at the forefront. You are an example to all of us in these difficult times. You are the source of our hope and belief in the better future,” D. Nazarbayeva said.

The Speaker sent special regards to the Maslikhat Deputies, who were doing their best locally to maintain the social and economic stability in the regions, making a significant contribution to the efforts of preserving jobs and wages of workers, to provision of free food and sanitary assistance to large families, disabled people and other socially vulnerable groups of the population.

In addition, D. Nazarbayeva expressed gratitude to entrepreneurs who made charitable donations to those in need and provided much-needed financial support in these difficult times.

In conclusion, Dariga Nazarbayeva expressed the common opinion that the Kazakh people would cope with this test with their inherent natural wisdom and endurance, “Elbasy was right to say: ‘United we stand’.”

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