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A Moment of Silence in Memory of the Victims of Coronavirus

13.07.2020 47

The Senate Speaker Maulen Ashimbayev and Mazhilis Chairperson Nurlan Nigmatulin paid a minute’s tribute of silence to the memory of the victims of the pandemic.

The Head of State K. Tokayev declared July 13 the Day of National Mourning in memory of the Kazakhstanis who passed away due to the epidemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

Today, all the buildings of state institutions in the country and diplomatic missions abroad flew flags at half-mast. And at 12 p.m. Nur-Sultan time Kazakhstan observed a minute of silence. The President of the country K. Tokayev, Senate Chairperson M. Ashimbayev, Mazhilis Speaker N. Nigmatulin, Prime Minister A. Mamin, members of the Government, regional Akims, heads of state agencies and healthcare institutions paid tribute to those killed by coronavirus.

The mourning ceremony was broadcast live by the Republic TV channels.

Earlier, the Senate Speaker M. Ashimbayev, the deputy corps and the employees of the Office of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan expressed condolences and support to the families and friends of the victims.

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