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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Senator Murat Baktiyaruly met with residents of Kyzylorda region

20.07.2020 410

Deputy of the Senate Murat Baktiyaruly, jointly with Akim of Kyzylorda region Gulshara Abdykalikova, visited medical facilities of the region, including the regional multi-field hospital. The senator had a chance to talk with patients and have a look at the work of the hospital, which has 525 beds to this date. Along with that, 30 extra beds for contagious patients have been prepared there. 

According to specialists, at the very beginning of the fight against the pandemic, 760 beds were organized in the region for treating patients with coronavirus infection and contact people. However, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the number of beds was increased to 2,410. The clinics are equipped with 64 lung ventilators, 6 of which are in the regional infectious diseases hospital.

The akim of the region and the senator also visited the city pharmacies to ascertain the availability of medications necessary for citizens and to listen to the opinion of consumers themselves. The delegation then went to the office of the regional infectious disease service, the city hospital and one of the polyclinics, on which basis a mobile team providing medical aid at home was created. By the way, there are 125 mobile medical teams operating in the region. 33 teams provide services to urban dwellers, 28 teams work in district centers and 64 ones operate in rural settlements.

“The situation in the region, as well as all across Kazakhstan, is very complicated. We need strong measures. The fight against the pandemic calls for the full commitment and initiative on the part of local government authorities, the general public and each of us. Speculators must also be fully held accountable for the lives of citizens. We see that the present state of affairs is far from ideal. During these days, we will meet with people, conduct grassroots raids on pharmacies and hospitals, and facilitate the prompt resolution of all emerging problems,” Murat Baktiyaruly noted. 

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