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Farmers of Zhambyl region spoke about their problems to senators

29.07.2020 63

According to farmers, this year the region may be left without harvest.

Senators Abdaly Nuraliyev and Muratbai Zholdasbayev visited farms in Aksholak village of Baizak district as part of their trip across Zhambyl region. Farmers from Merken and Zhambyl districts of the region also joined the conversation on the problems with irrigation water. As they said, problems with water supply in the region require the urgent solution.  Should the issue linger, they will risk losing the whole harvest.

According to representatives of the district agriculture office, neighboring Kyrgyzstan supplies small amounts of irrigation water this year. This has been most evident in July, when the need for irrigation has significantly increased due to the heat.  Now, 35-40 cubic meters of water per second should be supplied to the fields of Baizak district, while farmers receive almost twice as little.  Therefore, they are forced to use water in turns.  The first-priority crops are sugar beet, corn, vegetables and melons. And, if the fields do not get the necessary irrigation, the sprouts will die.  

The senators are going to resolve this issue jointly with the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, as well as with local executive bodies.

Farmers have also shared other problems with the deputies. It appeared that fairy yields do not guarantee the financial success of the business. Last autumn, farmers gave the harvested beets to the Merken Sugar Factory, but they still did not receive their money.

Deputy of the Senate Muratbai Zholdasbayev stated his intention to thoroughly explore the situation for its prompt resolution.

“When either party fails to comply with the contractual terms, the other party only has to appeal to court. I will take the necessary measures and help resolve this issue as soon as possible,” the senator said.  

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