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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Senate Speaker Met Social Café Employees

31.07.2020 312

As part of the Kurban Ait celebration, the Parliament members are providing targeted assistance to the people of Kazakhstan in need, including people with special needs, families of healthcare professionals fighting against the pandemic and other categories of citizens.

Today, the Speaker of the Senate Maulen Ashimbayev met the team of a “social” café – a place employing people with special needs and citizens from vulnerable groups.

“Social entrepreneurship” has been actively developing in the country in recent years. Unofficially, there are about 200 social business facilities in Kazakhstan. However, this sphere is not regulated at the legislative level yet.

“The Head of State supported the proposals made by Emin Askerov and other social entrepreneurs at the meeting. In the future, we will provide the necessary assistance for social entrepreneurship to be legally regulated. So that there would be all opportunities to start up and operate such cafés and similar enterprises in Kazakhstan. Today, most social entrepreneurs work based on their wish to help, but we should adopt appropriate laws to support them. We will work in this area,” Maulen Ashimbayev said at the meeting.

According to the Chamber Speaker, many Kazakhstanis are actively supporting and helping people in need these days, regardless of their religious or ethnic background.

“Kurban Ait is a fest to demonstrate your faith, inner thoughts, and inner purity. This is a fest of mercy and kindness. In the fight against coronavirus, it is of special importance to support each other, support those people who need particular assistance. And under these conditions, we can see that the volunteer movement is actively gaining strength in Kazakhstan. Many people are ready to provide support, many people provide financial aid for charity. This shows the maturity of the society,” Maulen Ashimbayev said.

The Senate Speaker wished happy Kurban Ait to the “social café” team and presented all employees with food packages and memorable gifts. The Senate Speaker thanked the head of the “social café” Emin Askerov for creating jobs for people with special needs.

“People with disabilities need special support. It is necessary to create conditions for their self-fulfillment; provide them with the opportunity to earn money from their own work, be independent from anyone; create the conditions for communication, socialization, making friends and creating families. Emin is doing the great job in this direction,” the Senate Speaker emphasized.

The place keeps operating over the lockdown period; they have arranged a delivery service, and the visitors are also served outside as the strict sanitary standards demand. As it is known, Emin Askerov has opened several businesses which employ people with disabilities, homeless people, former prisoners, and people who have shaken off different addictions. They can use their skills in the sewing shop, furniture factory, car wash or in catering.

These days, the deputies are actively involved in various charitable projects, including online ones. Thus, the Senate deputies and employees were excited to join the project arranged by the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Kazakhstan and Zeket Qory Fund to order a sacrifice on the website qurban2020.kz. The pandemic has changed the form of religious fests, but it cannot prevent people from implementing charitable projects. After the traditional ceremony of offering sacrifices, meat will be handed over to people in need. This year, as initiated by the deputies, some meat will also be delivered to families of healthcare professionals who are actively fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, on that day, the Senate officers visited the Smagulov family of doctors in the capital city, whose children were presented with computers for distant learning in the new year of school.

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