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Farmers of Kyzylorda region suffer from lack of water for rice fields’ irrigation

04.08.2020 40

Agriculturalists shared their problems with Deputy of the Senate Murat Baktiyaruly. According to residents of Zhanakorgan and Shieli districts, the level of water in the Syrdarya River is constantly decreasing, so they turned to the Akimat.

By the way, a dam valued at over a billion KZT was built in the district. So after three years of operation, it became unusable. At the moment, the dam isn’t working. The senator would like law enforcement agencies to pay attention to this fact.

Murat Baktiyaruly also addressed Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources M. Mirzagaliyev and his deputies. The senator told about the existing situation and asked them to resolve the problem in the short term, otherwise farmers may suffer losses. The relevant agency promised to consider options for preventing further decline in the water level in the Syrdarya River by August 5.

Experts say that this year the total area of rice fields in the region is 90 thousand hectares. It’s hard to provide such sown area with water during all three months of the irrigation season. In his turn, the senator offered to use technologies that allow saving water resources, such as modern irrigation systems.  

In addition, Murat Baktiyaruly believes that subsidies should be raised to encourage farmers to grow other crops in the region, such as alfalfa, rape, corn and melons and gourds.

The senator also recalled the Small Aral Sea.

“We also need water to fill the Small Aral Sea. Given the fact that no water reaches the sea, there’s a risk of lowering the water level in the Small Aral Sea. Even now Kambash Lake is 150 meters away from the coast. Kyzylorda region depends heavily on Syrdarya; therefore it’s essential to grow plants not requiring much water. To this end, a special program for farmers should be developed,” Murat Baktiyaruly said at a meeting with farmers and authorities of the region.  

Apart from the sowing fields, the Deputy of the Senate visited the district hospital where he had a talk with local residents.

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