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Senator familiarized with the progress of reconstruction of Maktaaral district of Turkestan region

04.08.2020 53

During his trip to the region, Deputy of the Senate Alimzhan Kurtayev together with First Vice-Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairbek Uskenbayev familiarized with the reconstruction works of Orgebas and Ferdowsi settlements of Maktaaral district, as well as the construction of Myrzakent micro-district.

As it is known, a breakthrough of the Sardoba Reservoir took place in May 2020, which entailed an overfilling of the Central Collector and a spill of water into the territory of Maktaaral district of Turkestan region. As a result, five settlements were flooded.

Alimzhan Kurtayev met with representatives of the relevant government authorities, building organizations and citizens. According to them, the construction of a school for 1,200 seats, a kindergarten for 280 seats and an outpatient clinic has been started in Myrzakent settlement. In Ferdowsi, workers are reconstructing a 600-seat school, building an outpatient clinic and a police office.

The construction of 386 dwelling houses in Myrzakent micro-district involves about one and a half thousand people. According to the District Akimat, 196 dwelling houses are being built at the expense of the Government reserve and 190 houses are being built at the expense of charity funds, including “Biz Birgemiz”.

Moreover, works on restoration of gas and power supply networks, telecommunication lines and roads are being carried out in the settlements affected by the disaster.

As part of his trip to Turkestan region, Alimzhan Kurtayev also holds meetings with residents of the region and visits medical facilities together with representatives of the relevant government authorities to see how the pandemic is being fought at the local level.

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