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Provision of Guaranteed Medical Care Discussed at Meeting with Senator

05.08.2020 65

The Senate Deputy Nurzhan Nursipatov is visiting the Pavlodar Region these days. At the meetings with the heads of state institutions and social facilities, the Senator informed the meeting participants of the activities of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

Director of the SHIF Regional Branch Office Nurlan Kassimov informed the Senator of the activities of the Fund. It was noted that a total of KZT 60.6 billion had been allocated for medical care in the region with KZT 2.3 billion sent to combat CVI. The Fund pays special attention to the payment of allowances to healthcare professionals. For the first four months of 2020, doctors in the region received a total of KZT 1.7 billion. The Fund has also undertaken to reimburse the cost of establishing mobile teams at the region’s polyclinics.

The Senator noted it was necessary to intensify the efforts of local executive authorities to combat the pandemic, and emphasized the importance of further development of feedback from the public to improve the quality of healthcare services.

During his trip, the Senator N. Nursipatov visited several districts of the region and the city of Ekibastuz. First of all, to monitor the supplies of coronavirus and pneumonia drugs to local hospitals and pharmacies. The Deputy visited healthcare institutions to talk to healthcare professionals and locals. He met Akim of Ekibastuz and representatives of the local Maslikhat. The Senator had a look at renovation of a sports school, construction of apartment buildings under the state programs and watched the operation of a new public service center.

The working trip of the Senate Deputy Nurzhan Nursipatov to Pavlodar Region continues. Some meetings with heads of government institutions and visits to several other districts of the region are planned.

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