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Senator Abdikerov: education, employment, housing and food safety are the main focuses of social policy

05.08.2020 59

Ryskali Abdikerov, Deputy of the Senate of the Parliament is visiting Karaganda region. The Senator met with the people from several districts of the region and visited construction facilities, schools and healthcare institutions. First of all, he asked about housing provision for healthcare workers and young families. Apartment houses are being constructed in the region under the Nurly Zher State Programme. Ryskali Abdikerov visited construction sites of 4 residential buildings in the town of Karkaralinsk.  

The Senator also reviewed the construction of a school, a college building and a dormitory for physicians. Ryskali Abdikerov noted the need for special control by local authorities over the construction of such socially significant facilities and emphasized that the construction of schools, hospitals and residential buildings also allows solving employment issues.     

Ryskali Abdikerov met with the representatives of the judicial system. The Deputy reminded of the amendments introduced by the Senate to a number of laws aimed to improve the citizens’ well-being and protect their rights and interests. While visiting the court buildings, the Senator noted the efficiency of new audiovisual recording systems. Here, Ryskali Abdikerov also talked to local citizens and heard their views on the work of the courts and ongoing judicial reforms. 

In auls, the Senator paid special attention to the development of agriculture. He visited the sown fields and during the conversation with the farmers talked about the measures of state support for the industry. However, he also noted that the farmers and livestock breeders need additional subsidies to promote their interest, expand cultivated areas and increase the yields and livestock numbers, thus ensuring food safety both for the region and the country as a whole.

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