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Senator: We must avoid recurring deficit of medicines

06.08.2020 67

Senator Ryskali Abdikerov continues to monitor availability of medicines and their cost in pharmacies of Karaganda region that he is visiting. The Deputy noted that the local authorities should be sensitive to the citizens’ requests and prevent recurrence of the situation with deficit of medicines during the pandemic.

Ryskali Abdikerov also mentioned that it was important to support physicians and provide them with everything required to fight against the coronavirus - not only protective equipment and medicines but also hot meals. Healthcare workers still spend day and night in hospitals fighting for human lives sometimes forgetting about their families and their own health.    

The Senator also monitored food prices in the stores in one of the districts. He noted that the akimat should keep track of changes in the market and not to allow the sellers to raise the prices above the maximum permissible levels for socially significant goods. Furthermore, the Deputy requested the volunteers not to stop charity activities for the delivery of food packages to those in need.

Ryskali Abdikerov also reviewed the plan for the provision of the population with housing. About 400 houses will be built in four villages of the region during the coming period. Several residential complexes are being constructed already under the state programme. In order to supply heat to them a new modular boiler was built in Bukhar Zhyrau district within the Employment Roadmap 2020.  

The Deputy also met with the law enforcement officers. They spoke about the need to expand the staff of district inspectors and provide them with administrative use vehicles. The police officers of Karaganda region suggested that the Senator could consider introduction of amendments to the law On Motor Transport to limit the traffic of heavy vehicles with carrying capacity of 25 tons and 40 tons that destroy the roads.

The working trip of Senator Ryskali Abdikerov to Karaganda region goes on. Meetings with the leadership of the region and visits to several more districts are planned.  

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