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Senator summarizes his work in the Parliament

07.08.2020 57

Sarsenbay Yensegenov, terminating his activity as a Senate Deputy, summarizes the results at the reporting meetings with the citizens of Atyrau region.

The Senator spoke about the laws adopted by the Parliament, which had a significant impact on the improvement of socio-economic development of the country and well-being of the people, and summed up the results of his work as a representative of Atyrau region in the Upper House of the Parliament.

In particular, Sarsenbay Yensegenov spoke about the work done to return 750 thousand hectares of land in the Kyzylkoga region in the territory of the Taisoigan test range leased by Russia. After many years of negotiations with the Russian side, amendments were made to the lease agreement, and a huge area with pasture meadows was legally returned to the residents of the region. Now farmers are engaged in cattle breeding here, and the oil and gas company has begun the development of two hydrocarbon deposits.

During the reporting trip, the Senator visited two peasant farms located in Taisoigan and talked with the farmers. They said that after solving the lease issue, the agrarians had received land and began to develop their business. Agricultural producers receive subsidies for the breeding of thoroughbred horses and cattle. In total, 33 peasant farms have been registered in the territory of the former test range.

Senator Sarsenbay Yensegenov is visiting all districts of the region and the regional center with reporting meetings. He informed the deputies of maslikhats, entrepreneurs, representatives of the non-governmental sector and akimats of how amendments to the laws "On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Political Parties", the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Veterans" and many other important legislative acts were discussed and adopted.

The senator thanked the people of the region for the credence given to him and wished them resilience in the time difficult for the entire country.

The Senator is going to meet with the electorate in Makhambet, Inder, Issatay and Kurmangazy districts of Atyrau region.

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