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Senator reviewed the progress in the implementation of the state programme of village development “Auyl – El Besigi

07.08.2020 60

During the trip to North-Kazakhstan region Yerik Sultanov visited Kyzylzhar, Akkaiyn, Aiyrtau and Yessil districts. Deputy akim of the region Gani Nygymetov informed the Senator of the ongoing social projects and development of the region in general.

Yerik Sultanov visited a number of facilities in the region to see how the state programmes are being implemented, including “Auyl – El Besigi”. In Kyzylzhar district the Senator looked at the progress in the construction of a school for 300 students. Due to the increase in the population of the district center, there was a shortage of students’ seats, children studied in three shifts. With the construction of the new school, the deficit will be eliminated.

Yerik Sultanov discussed the issues of water supply and provision of public amenities to these settlements with residents of Astrakhanka, Smirnovo and Antonovka villages. The region is actively working to provide the population with drinking water. Last year, the water supply networks in the village of Karatomar of the Astrakhan rural district were repaired. Today 80% of rural houses are connected to the central water supply network.

Deputy Sultanov also visited the repaired kindergartens, schools and the new district paramedic station. He stressed the importance of constructing first-aid stations in districts and remote villages for the provision of urgent medical care. This issue is especially topical today when the country is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Development of agriculture was marked as a separate item on the Senator's trip. Erik Sultanov called on the villagers to develop dairy farming, to increase the number of livestock, noting that various instruments of state support are available for this purpose. The deputy also visited the peasant farms in the region. At the end of the visit, Senator Erik Sultanov thanked the farmers for their contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.

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