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More than half of coronavirus cases discharged from hospitals – Senator monitors the situation in the region

07.08.2020 62

Deputy of the Parliament Senate Saule Aitpayeva is visiting Akmola region.

The Senator’s visit began with the Central Hospital of Zhaksy village. The chief physician informed the deputy about the state of the provisional ward and the course of treatment of the patients. Of the 100 patients admitted since July 1, 52 have already recovered. According to the physicians, the patients receive the necessary treatment and care. Senator Saule Aitpayeva, in turn, noted the fact that medical workers involved in the fight against the virus are exposed to a high risk, so they must be provided with all protective equipment.

The senator also met with the leadership of the Zhaksy region. In a conversation with representatives of government authorities, Saule Aitpayeva noted that the government has undertaken to solve a number of tasks aimed to improve living conditions and well-being of the citizens. The relevance and priority of this area are confirmed by the implementation of various programs, which in turn contribute to the improvement of citizens' lives. The Senator stressed the need for the effective implementation of all state programs implemented in the region.

Saule Aitpayeva also visited several schools in the region to see their preparedness they for the upcoming academic year in the format of distance learning. In particular, the deputy asked about the technical aspect of the issue, availability of Internet coverage in villages, the provision of computers for both teachers and students, organization of the entire learning process. The Senator pointed to the need to pay special attention to children from low-income and large families.

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