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Hospitals and pharmacies must be fully supplied with medicines to fight pandemic - Senator keeps the issue under control

10.08.2020 61

The Deputy of the Senate, Lyazzat Suleimen, monitors the situation with medicines in Karaganda region. The senator visits hospitals, dispensary centers and warehouses of the region's pharmacy chains. She talks not only with the medical staff, but also with the patients themselves.

“During the outbreak of the pandemic, none of the Deputies of the Senate stayed away. We, like all citizens, were worried about the current situation, we participate in providing patients with medicines, provide various assistance to citizens in need. The problematic issues voiced by the population do not remain without the attention of the Deputies,” Lyazzat Suleimen said.

Senator Lyazzat Suleimen considered it right to personally check the pharmacy counters in the region. She visited the warehouses of large pharmaceutical chains. According to experts, the region has a sufficient reserve of socially important drugs, including antibiotics in sufficient quantities. The Senator also got acquainted with the work of the so-called mobile social pharmacy. Local residents drew the Senator’s attention to the issue of providing medical workers with housing. The deputy assured that serious changes are already being made to improve the quality of life of doctors and medicine in general. It is worth noting that, the construction of a modern modular infectious diseases hospital has begun in the region, which will be equipped with all the means needed for the treatment of coronavirus.

Also, the Senator spoke with Karaganda residents who are being treated from COVID, who told her about the treatment process and emerging issues of the medical service system.

The senator visited the cities of Satpayev and Zhezkazgan, where she learned about the implementation of state programs. Lyazzat Suleimen visited the first central hospital in Satpayev city, where a major overhaul of the maternity department is planned. Within the framework of the state program, KZT223 million were allocated for these purposes, in addition to KZT79 million for the improvement of the hospital territory. The medical facility is designed for more than 140 beds, almost 120 of which are 24-hour, 25 are for a day hospital. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 160 people have been treated in the infectious diseases department. The department has 30 beds, 6 of them are intensive care beds, 10 are for pregnant women. The clinic is equipped with artificial lung ventilation devices. Moreover, about 30 social projects aimed to building affordable housing and reduction of unemployment among young people are being implemented in the city.

At the meeting with the Senator, residents of the region raised a lot of problems and suggested that the parliamentarian to consider the issue of toughening the legislation on corruption offenses. Karaganda residents are also worried about the demolition of dilapidated housing. The senator spoke with the residents of the dilapidated houses who are listed for future demolition. They talked about a number of existing social problems. At the same time, the residents themselves emphasized that the state provides great support to target groups, including mothers with many children.

Lyazzat Suleimen drew the attention of local authorities to the need to resolve all the raised issues as soon as possible.

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