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Senator: Creation of jobs is of particular importance in times of crisis

10.08.2020 56

The Deputy of the Senate, Ryskali Abdikerov continues his trip to Karaganda region. This time, the Senator visited Osakarovskiy district, where more than 40 projects to create new jobs are being implemented within the framework of two state programs “Auyl - El Besigi” and “Employment Roadmap” at once. Almost KZT 3 billion has been allocated for these purposes and about 210 local residents have already been employed.

The Senator checked out the quality of the Internet connection to ensure the educational process in a remote format in the new academic year. The deputy looked through the ongoing refurbishment works of the district schools. Representatives of the local authorities assured the parliamentarian that all preparatory works are being carried out according to plan and committed to create all the necessary conditions, including technical ones, for the proper education of schoolchildren.

Ryskali Abdikerov visited the Central District Hospital, where he was told that to date, a total number of 142 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, and 109 people have already been cured thanks to the efforts of doctors. In addition, the senator was told about the stocks of medicines at the pharmaceutical warehouse. Experts assured the Deputy that now there is a sufficient amount of medicines, the necessary supply has been generated. The Senator emphasized the importance of constant development of feedback from the population. This issue is especially relevant today, when the country is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

Ryskali Abdikerov also visited Borly coal mine of Kazakhmys corporation, where he got acquainted with the living and working conditions of miners during the pandemic. Moreover, the Senator visited the enterprise producing dry powder from natural mare's milk, which is located in the rural district of Zhansary. The number of people employed in production is 150 people. At a meeting with the management of the plant, the Deputy explained the measures taken by the State to support the agricultural sector.

The trip of the Deputy of the Senate, Ryskali Abdikerov, across Karaganda region is going on. Meetings with the region administration and visits to several more districts are planned.

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