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Senator: Development of entrepreneurship in rural areas – the way to solve unemployment problems

11.08.2020 63

Senate Deputy Ryskali Abdikerov visited Nyry district in Karaganda region. Representatives of local executive authorities assured the Senator that rural entrepreneurship is currently intensively developing in the region. The villagers began to actively use the instruments of state support to start their own small businesses using the instruments of state programmes “Auyl – El Besigi” and “Employment Roadmap”.

About twenty project to the amount of nearly 1.5 billion tenge are being implemented in the district under the Employment Roadmap. 15 projects are infrastructural and the rest are investment projects. They include construction and repair of schools and motor roads as well as street lighting installation.

The Senator paid special attention to the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the region. Ryskali Abdikerov visited the Central District Hospital. According to healthcare workers, almost 1,700 district residents have been tested since the beginning of the pandemic and 246 tested positive. However, to date, 90 per cent of patients have already recovered and discharged. The Senator stressed the need for continued attention of the local authorities not only to the issues of treatment but also early diagnosis of the disease. By the way, at the instruction of the Head of State, two mobile teams have been organized in the clinic to provide medical care at home.

In addition, the Senator met with employees of the district prosecutor's office. During the conversation, Ryskali Abdikerov reminded that the Government had adopted special programs, and parliamentarians had introduced amendments to a number of laws aimed to improve welfare of the citizens, as well as amendments to the Criminal Code. According to him, all those measures will help reduce crime in the rural areas, as well as improve the quality of life of citizens.

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