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Senators say Kazakh companies should retain staff and pay wages on time

11.08.2020 56

Senate members Gumar Dyussembayev and Lyazzat Suleimen inspected the road construction progress, large production facilities and medical institutions in Atyrau region.

The senators discussed the development plan of the region with the regional authorities and local maslikhats. As the MPs stressed, the fight against the pandemic and provision of hospitals, provisional centers and pharmacy network with medicines against CVI is still a priority.

The senators visited two districts of the region, Makhambet and Inder. They checked the construction progress of the Aisary canal and the new bridge crossing over the Ural River in Makhambet village. They also visited local educational institutions to monitor their readiness for distance learning starting from September 1.

Then the senators talked with the employees of the building materials plant. It should be noted that the plant does not stop production, providing jobs and ensuring implementation of other infrastructure projects during the pandemic. The senators said that the heads of factories, plants and other enterprises should try to maintain jobs and pay wages on time, and the local authorities should keep all social and labor issues under strict control in this difficult time.

The senators also visited the construction site of the Inder-Karabau-Miyaly-Sagiz road. The construction commenced in the second half of 2019 and is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2021. About 80 people work there. In a conversation with contractors, MP Gumar Dyussembayev stressed the importance of the highway for the economic development of the region and the country. According to specialists, all safety measures, requirements to the roadbed quality, as well as the commissioning deadlines are complied with at this site.

In addition, the MPs met with healthcare workers. The latter told about the coronavirus case rate, provision of medicines and preventive measures against repeated outbreaks of the epidemic. The senators, in their turn, thanked the doctors for their dedicated work.

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