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Senators discussed the current state and prospects for further development of the national education and science

22.10.2020 41

Senators met with the Minister of Education and Science to discuss the current state and prospects for further development of the national education and science in the framework of implementation of the President’s Address.

The meeting was attended by deputies of the Senate of the Parliament, senior officials of the Ministries of Education and Science, Health, Culture and Sports, Agriculture, Finance, National Economy, Digital Development, Ecology, and representatives of the education and science sector.

Deputies had discussion with Minister of Education and Science A. Aimagambetov on the existing problems in education and science, and the proposed solutions. 

Deputies were interested in the development of a uniform online educational platform, the organization of distance learning, the elaboration of the procedure of transition to the formed traditional method of receiving education with observance of sanitary requirements, technical support in remote training of school students, the availability of the Internet and the provision of computers, the narrowing of the gap in the quality of education between the city and the village, the arrangement of provision of children with pre-school organizations, the financing of science and support for young scientists, subjects remotely.   

Along with that, Senate deputies consider that, along with high requirements to the authors of educational aids, it is essential to actively introduce digital textbooks in our country. This is of particular importance today, when Kazakh children are still being taught in a distance format.

Deputy Dinar Nuketayeva turned the attention of the Minister of Education and Science to children with special needs. In his turn, Askhat Aimagambetov told that 425 special organizations, 200 rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction, nearly a hundred special schools, 38 special pre-school institutions and 14 rehabilitation centers dealing with children with special needs are currently functioning in the country. 

The Minister also mentioned that work is now underway to legislatively consolidate the regulations to protect children from cyber-bullying and to increase criminal and administrative responsibility for unlawful acts against minors in the Internet.

The issues of science development were discussed particularly actively at the meeting. The meeting attendees offered to pay more attention to applied science, to improve the science financing mechanism, including commercialization of research findings.   

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