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Senators discussed the lowering of crime rates in Almaty

08.01.2021 377

Senate members Vladimir Volkov, Saule Aitpayeva and Sultanbek Makezhanov visited Almaty Prosecutor's Office and met with Deputy Prosecutor General Marat Akhmetzhanov, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksey Kalaichidi and the leadership of Almaty Police Department.

Law enforcement officers told that as part of fulfilment of the order of the Head of State, the criminal prosecution authorities switched to a new procedure, providing for the approval of key procedural decisions by prosecutors in electronic format.

The information base of the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations was presented at the meeting, in which, investigators, in coordination with the prosecutor, consider procedural decisions on recognizing a person as a suspect, qualifying an act, terminating a deadline, and submit for consideration a record of the person's accusation and a resolution on the application of order proceedings.

“Undoubtedly, the amendments have strengthened the protection of citizens caught in criminal investigations, and measures have been taken to reduce the accusatory bias and increase objectivity in procedural decisions. Prosecutors' approval of key decisions affecting the rights of citizens is an important stage in the transition to a three-tier model of the criminal process”, Vladimir Volkov said.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies also spoke about the laws adopted by the Parliament and the ongoing work on reforming the law enforcement system.

In addition, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs spoke about the main stages of reforming the system of internal affairs bodies and dwelled on the introduction of the service police model.

The head of the City Police Department, Kanat Taymerdenov, reported on the criminal situation in Almaty, which remains stable and under control. In 2020, the measures taken managed to reduce crime rates in the city by 47.8%. One of the reasons for the decrease in the number of crimes was the installation of 37 stationary modular police posts in the most criminally prone areas and in crowded places. In addition, the transfer of 30% of the patrol police regiment to dismounted patrols also had a positive effect on the state of street crime, which decreased by 4.2 times.

The head of the City Police Department presented a new generation video recorders, which allow online monitoring of an employee's actions and protecting the employee in emergencies.

Senate member Saule Aitpayeva touched upon the topic of solving crimes of the past years, and focused on ensuring the safety of family members of district police inspectors as part of their official activities.

The parliamentarians examined the modular stationary police post, the Operational Control Center, where the Situation Center is located, and were demonstrated a modern mobile communications complex and an explosives robot.

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