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Senators received a report from the Government on the implementation of recommendations for the development of rural areas

16.06.2021 411

An expanded meeting of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Issues, Environmental Management, and Development of Rural Areas took place. Its topic was the discussion of the implementation of the recommendations adopted following the results of the Parliamentary hearings themed “On the state of socio-economic development of rural areas and the prospects for their balanced development”, held on October 23 last year.

Then a list of 28 recommendations aimed at the development of rural areas was submitted to the Government. 25 of them were supported by the Cabinet of Ministers and, as Senator Akhylbek Kurishbayev noted today, 8 of them have already been implemented.

One of the senators’ key proposals was to elevate the “Auyl-Yel besigi” initiative to the level of a distinct national project. The Ministry of National Economy adopted this proposal, and within the scope of this national project, it is intended to upgrade the infrastructure of 3,561 rural communities, which house 6.8 million people, or 87 percent of the entire population, within 5 years.

The government also backed the Senate’s motion to create measures to improve villages’ income. As part of the state initiative “Roadmap for Employment,” it is intended to introduce in 2021 a financing mechanism to businesses, especially those in rural regions, in 2021.

(Press Service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo: N. Baibulin)

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