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Senators Olga Perepechina and Yerik Sultanov Inspected the Dairy Enterprises in the North Kazakhstan Region

12.07.2021 376

Senators Olga Perepechina and Yerik Sultanov spoke about prospects for development of dairy farming during a meeting with farmers of the Akkayyn district in the North Kazakhstan region. The deputies also noted the importance of further upgrading and digitalization of agriculture. The deputies got acquainted with the results of this approach on the job by the example of a dairy farm. Designed for 1,600 heads of cattle, this complex is considered one of the major projects of the region in this area.

For development of the village, it is important not only to introduce modern technologies, but also to solve the problem of personnel shortage. “Enbek” State Program is aimed at resettling villagers in labor-deficient regions. Olga Perepechina and Yerik Sultanov learned about the conditions created for citizens who moved from the southern regions of the country to the region using the example of the Astrakhan village.

“This program will reduce the outflow of population from the northern regions of the country and improve the human and personnel capacities of the region. The importance of this work is emphasized by its inclusion in the Comprehensive Development Plan of the North Kazakhstan region”, Yerik Sultanov said.

The senators also visited a dairy complex for 720 heads of the Simmental breeding cattle in the Chapayevo village in the Kyzylzhar district. The director of the complex acquainted the deputies with the structure of work of the agricultural enterprise and the dynamics of the main production and economic indicators.

“Currently, the state provides support to farmers. Programs for development of dairy farming are successfully operating in the region. I think that in the future, the financing of the industry will increase due to state support and private investment”, said Yerik Sultanov.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27)

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