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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The amnesty bill is being discussed in the Senate

24.11.2021 58

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies discussed the draft law "On amnesty in connection with the thirtieth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" at the meeting.

The purpose of the bill is a one-time act of humanity of a criminal-legal nature in connection with the thirtieth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The draft Law is aimed at exempting from criminal liability and the main punishment of persons who have committed crimes that do not pose a serious threat to the security of citizens and the state, reducing the unserved part of the punishment against an individually undefined circle of persons. According to preliminary calculations, the amnesty will be applied to more than 14 thousand convicts, including those on probation control.

The draft law provides for the conditions and procedure for the application of amnesty, deadlines for its execution within 6 months from the date of its introduction, and also establishes the competence of the Government and local executive bodies to implement appropriate measures, including accommodation, employment, treatment of released persons, providing them with social and other assistance.

According to the senators, the document will reduce the number of convicts under probation control, reduce the terms of the part of the sentence not served to convicts from the category of socially vulnerable persons and those who have compensated for damage, as well as terminate some criminal cases against people who have committed crimes of minor gravity.

(Senate Media Office, 74-72-27)

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