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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The Speaker of the Senate presented the state awards "Daryn"

24.11.2021 47

Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev took part in the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the state youth award "Daryn", which was held within the framework of the forum "Tauelsizdik urpaktary".

The event was moderated by the Minister of Information and Public Development Aida Balayeva.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Senate congratulated all participants on the 30th anniversary of Independence and the Day of the First President. Maulen Ashimbayev focused on the main achievements of Kazakhstan over the years of Independence, telling in detail about the initiatives of the First President of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, aimed at supporting youth.

"Over the years of Independence, Bolashak program has been implemented in the country. Thanks to it our youth got the opportunity to study at the world's leading universities. About 1,800 new schools have been built across the country. New hospitals and scientific medical centers were built to improve the health of the nation. Over 1,800 healthcare facilities have been built and put into operation since Independence. Many projects have been implemented to create infrastructure in the regions and rural areas. All this was done, first of all, in order for our youth to become educated, healthy and competitive," Maulen Ashimbayev said.

He also noted that yesterday at a meeting of the Political Council of the Nur Otan party, Elbasy announced a set of principles "Seven Pillars of Statehood", which will become a key guideline for Kazakhstanis in the new era. Maulen Ashimbayev recalled the words of the First President of Kazakhstan that by strengthening the Independence and preserving the integrity of the country, supporting the value of the family, promoting national and spiritual culture, paying attention to knowledge and honest work, we will become a nation of creators.

The Speaker of the Senate also spoke about the measures implemented in the country in recent years on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the field of youth policy. Among them are the Year of the Volunteer, the creation of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve, the initiative on the legislative introduction of a mandatory 30% quota for women and youth in the electoral lists of political parties, etc.

«At the initiative of the President of the country, the implementation of systemic projects to support young people has begun. The state pays great attention to the creation of effective and fair social elevators for the new generation of Kazakhstanis. The Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve has been formed," the Chairman of the Senate said.

Maulen Ashimbayev also told the forum participants about the formation of a number of important trends that can change the future appearance of the world and will directly affect the lives of young people in the coming period.

In particular, it was noted that the importance of environmental protection will only increase in the future. In this regard, the need to abandon consumer ideology is becoming increasingly acute.

«Harmony with nature has always been the life philosophy of our ancestors. We must cultivate respect for the environment. The planet's capabilities are limited. Air pollution, lack of drinking water and food are becoming more acute every day. If we also continue to irrationally consume the planet's resources, they will not last long. Therefore, environmental protection should become the life philosophy of each of us," said Maulen Ashimbayev.

The Speaker of the Senate advised young people to also pay more attention to strengthening their health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a person's investment in their future, along with increasing the level of education, mastering sciences and technologies, Maulen Ashimbayev concluded.

«The pandemic has shown how important knowledge and science are. Vaccines were invented at an unprecedented rate. This, in turn, allowed the stabilization of the situation with the coronacrisis to begin relatively quickly. In general, the role of science in our daily life is increasing. In recent years, the number of young people wishing to continue their studies in master's and doctoral studies has grown significantly in the country. However, only 9% of them are engaged in scientific activities in the future," Maulen Ashimbayev said.

In addition, according to the Speaker of the Senate, openness of consciousness, social mobility, emotional stability, tolerance and communication skills are now gaining special importance.

«The rapid development of technology and robotization will reduce the need of society for simple physical labor. It is important to focus on areas related to intellectual activity and creativity. That is why the President of the country repeatedly emphasizes the importance of the development of human capital and creative industry in Kazakhstan," said Maulen Ashimbayev.

Realizing the potential of young people in these conditions, according to the Speaker of the Senate, will strengthen our Independence. In this regard, the younger generation has a great responsibility, and the state, for its part, will continue to work to support young people, the Speaker of the Senate assured.

During the event, Maulen Ashimbayev and Aida Balayeva also presented badges and diplomas to the winners of the state youth award "Daryn".

The winners of the State Youth Award "Daryn-2021" were:

1. Nomination "Science" - Yesirkegenov Nurgisa Amankeldiuly;

2. Nomination "Public activity" - Sansyzbayuly Balmeir, Bakhretdinov Valikhan Kabimullayevich;

3. Nomination "Journalism" - Kenshilik Galymzhan Bauyrzhanuly, Tulzhan Akbobek Nurbaulykyz;

4. Nomination "Folk art" -Eleusiz Ardak Timuruly, Olzhabay Temirlan Maksatuly, Nauryz Ernat Nurbergenuly;

5. Nomination "Classical music" - Abilda Altynbek Yerkinbayuly;

6. Nomination "Theater and cinema" - Tanabayeva Akmaral Nuraykyzy, Kanatkyzy Riza;

7. Nomination "Sport" - Son Igor Sergeevich, Smetov Eldos Baktybayuly;

8. Nomination "Estrada" - Baydukenova Ruhiya Edilkyzy, Almadiev Alibek Bekbolatuly;

9. Nomination "Literature" - Sarsenkhan Batyrkhan Borikhanuly, Akhmer Birzhan Ermekuly;

10. Nomination "Design and fine art" - Bekbolatov Atabek Alibekuly.

(Senate Media Office, 74-72-27 Photo by- Ye. Ukibayev)

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