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Senators discussed the introduction of digital technology in agriculture

04.03.2022 442

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Issues, Nature Management and Rural Development conducted a retreat session based on the National Space Center.

Ali Bektayev, Chairman of the relevant Committee of the Senate, pointed out that the visit to the Center was aimed at learning the mechanisms of digital technology introduction, space monitoring, and remote sensing in agriculture in preparation for the roundtable on this topic.

“The digitalization of agriculture affects the increase in labor productivity, yielding capacity, and the development of agriculture in general. As long as we do not update and have a reliable database of agricultural land and animals, we will not have progress in the work,” Ali Bektayev said.

As such, senators, along with the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and the S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, representatives of the expert community, and academics, discussed the issues related to the implementation of space monitoring for addressing sector-specific issues and monitoring of the sustainable use of agricultural land.

The parliamentarians were also briefed on the results of the work of JSC “National Company “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” and future plans for space monitoring of sustainable use of agricultural resources.

At the meeting, proposals were also made to amend the legislation in the sphere of space activity in terms of implementation of the state space monitoring, creation of a single operator for updating information systems, including those in agriculture.

Senator Ali Bektayev said that all relevant institutions and industries should perform the assigned tasks in full and emphasized that only in this case one can achieve positive results.

“There are many problematic issues. There is a need for certain funds, maybe even amendments to legislation and regulatory acts. Indeed, all this must be determined during the forthcoming work with the relevant government agencies, and then we should make proposals and amendments,” he said.

To sum up, senators stressed that all proposals voiced during the meeting would be thoroughly studied by deputies of the Senate Committee, and then recommendations would be made to be sent to the appropriate government agencies.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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