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Senate of the Parliament
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The Speaker of the Senate took part in events to commemorate the Victory Day

09.05.2022 62

The main commemorative events on the occasion of Victory Day in the capital began with the laying of flowers at the "Otan Ana" monument by the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The solemn ceremony was also attended by the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev.

The Speaker of the Senate also laid flowers at the monument to Bauyrzhan Momyshuly. Together with other residents of the capital, he observed a minute of silence in memory of the legendary hero and the fallen Kazakhs in the Great Patriotic War.

Earlier on his Facebook page, Maulen Ashimbayev congratulated everyone on the holiday - Victory Day and reminded that on the fronts of the Second World War, Kazakhs showed their best qualities, heroism and selflessness.

"We celebrate Victory Day in order to remember these people, not to betray their memory. At the same time, we mourn for the millions who died, we mourn for all the victims of the war. And this day is important not to forget the huge price that the older generation paid for the victory over fascism. And this date is important to remember the lasting value of peace and stability", - said Maulen Ashimbayev.

Every year new pages of history open up, which tell about the heroism of Kazakhstani people during the war. In this connection on the eve of the holiday the President of the country awarded the title "Khalyk kharmany" (National Hero) to the participants of war Tuleugali Abdybekov, Alexander Nesmiyanov and Ibraim Suleimenov. The Speaker of the Senate stressed that this way the historical justice is restored.

The Speaker of the House also wished everyone health and well-being, and to our country - peaceful skies and prosperity!

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27. Photo by E. Ukibayev)

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