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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Senators passed the Intellectual Property Law

02.06.2022 175

Under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Senate, Maulen Ashimbayev, a meeting was held in the House, where senators considered and adopted the law relating to the strengthening of intellectual property protection.

It is worth noting that the Law "On making amendments and addenda to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on improvement of legislation in the fields of intellectual property and the provision of state-guaranteed legal assistance" was initiated by members of Parliament.

Chairman of the Senate Maulen Ashimbayev emphasized that this Act provides for further improvement of intellectual property rights.

"The Law provides for measures to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights and industrial property objects. Also national legislation is harmonized with the provisions of international norms and practices in the field of intellectual property rights protection. In addition, the law aims to expand the scope of state-guaranteed legal assistance. We hope that this law will facilitate the development of the intellectual property market, and ensure the rights of citizens," - said Maulen Ashimbayev.

In general, the adopted law aims to improve the institution of patent attorneys, who represent the interests of applicants and right holders in the authorized body, the expert organization and the courts. Also legal advisers will be included in the system of legal assistance guaranteed by the Government. Due to this, representatives of vulnerable population will have the opportunity to receive legal assistance free of charge.

In addition, during the meeting of the House senators voiced their deputy requests.

Nurtore Zhusup proposed to suspend from the stage the singers for 5 years for insulting state symbols and foul language during performances. And also to update the work of regional and national Arts Councils under the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Akmaral Alnazarova asked to support the state system of scientific, methodological and analytical support of strategic directions of healthcare.

Murat Baktiaruly raised the problems in the field of education, in particular, noting the inequality in the acquisition of knowledge, the quality of language teaching in the primary grades, as well as issues of optimization of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Sultanbek Makezhanov noted the need to expand the list of own sources of income of rural budgets and has proposed a number of specific measures in this respect.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27, Photo by E. Ukibayev)

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