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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The results of the work of senators for the II Session of the VII Convocation of the Parliament are summarized

28.06.2022 178

Under the chairmanship of the Senate Speaker Maulen Ashimbayev the final meeting of the House of this Session was held, at which deputies considered and adopted a number of bills.

During the meeting, senators passed in two readings the laws "On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, as well as State Price Regulation" and "On Amendments and Additions to the Code of Administrative Offences on Issues of Combating Illegal Proceeds Legalization (Laundering) and Terrorist Financing".

Laws are aimed at improving the legal framework for combating money laundering and terrorist financing. It concerns actualization of system and practical approaches to prevention, revealing and suppression of criminal actions in this sphere.

Parliamentarians also adopted laws relating to combating activities of financial pyramids – "On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Combating Activity of Financial (Investment) Pyramids" and "On Amendments and Additions to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offences on Issues of Combating Activity of Financial (Investment) Pyramids".

Commenting on the adoption of the Laws, the Senate Speaker Maulen Ashimbayev said that the activities of financial pyramids at the moment is one of the pressing problems of society. In this regard, he stressed the importance of improving the current anti-fraud legislation, taking into account modern challenges.

"The adopted laws include the introduction of penalties for advertising financial pyramid schemes and increasing responsibility for the creation and management of such organizations. These laws increase the protection of citizens from participation in illegal financial and investment pyramid schemes. We also hope that the new norms will reduce social tension among citizens affected by financial pyramid schemes," the Senate Speaker noted.

Deputies also considered and adopted in two readings the law "On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Incentives for Innovation, Development of Digitalization, Information Security and Education".

"The adopted law is aimed at creating a legislative framework to expand the use of innovative digital technologies in management decision-making. The law also provides for measures to improve the quality of communication in rural areas and reduce the cost of citizens and businesses to obtain public services", - commented the Chairman of the Chamber on the adoption of the Law.

In addition, senators also considered the issue of election of a candidate for the post of Judge of the Supreme Court. Upon the recommendation of the Head of State to this position deputies elected Erkesh Maukenova.

However, during the meeting of the House the Senators dismissed Rashit Akhmetov from his position as member of the Accounts Committee for Control over Execution of the Republican Budget.

Also, the senators voiced their deputy requests.

Vladimir Volkov suggested the government to introduce "e-Zan Komegi" and "Torelik" information systems in civil and administrative proceedings.

Summing up the final meeting of the current session the Chairman of the Senate Maulen Ashimbayev noted that this parliamentary season was full of significant events and fundamental changes.

"At the beginning of the year, our country faced unprecedented challenges. The tragic events of January and global geopolitical tensions demanded new approaches and solutions in the system of public administration. In this regard, the President of the country initiated a package of comprehensive reforms, which also determined the key priorities of the legislative activity. The implementation of systemic political reforms and constitutional reforms have been initiated. The majority of citizens who participated in the Republican Referendum supported the proposed amendments to the Constitution and the initiatives of the President of the country. Thus a solid foundation for the creation of a fair New Kazakhstan was laid," said Maulen Ashimbayev.

The Senate Speaker also noted that during the second session the Parliament jointly with the Government adopted 78 laws aimed at improving the social protection of Kazakhstan citizens and the further social and economic development of the country.

"During the Session the emphasis was placed on the timely legislative provision for the implementation of comprehensive measures to improve the welfare of citizens and public policy initiatives. Norms aimed at reducing social inequality in society and providing comprehensive support to people with special needs were adopted. In order to fulfill the instructions of the President of the country senators used the power of legislative initiative. During the first Session 7 bills were initiated by members of the Senate, and during the second Session 18 bills were initiated. I believe that in the future it is important for us to continue to maintain this pace of work and momentum" - summarized the Speaker of the Senate.

Maulen Ashimbayev emphasized that in addition to the traditional weekly meetings of the House, during the Session in the Senate two parliamentary hearings were held, and four government hours, where they discussed issues of agriculture development, youth policy, improving the budgetary relations, development of domestic and foreign trade, gasification of regions.

In addition, about 30 round tables were organized, more than 10 field meetings of committees, and during the visits of Senators to the regions more than 500 meetings with the population were held. The Speaker of the Senate noted that the House will continue to actively work on the legislative support of the systemic reforms initiated by the Head of State.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27. Photo by E. Ukibayev)

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