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Maulen Ashimbaev: The law approved by the Senate will allow the opinions of citizens to be considered as much as possible

21.09.2023 133

A meeting of the Chamber was held under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Maulen Ashimbaev. Deputies reviewed and approved laws related to issues of public control.

At a meeting of the Chamber, deputies reviewed and approved the law “On Public Control” and the accompanying law “On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of public control, improving administrative procedures,” which define the forms of public control, its results, and also the rights and obligations of participants.

As the Chairman of the Chamber emphasized, laws were developed on behalf of the President of the country. In accordance with the norms of the documents, an additional mechanism for public participation in the life of the country has been introduced - the institution of petitions. According to Maulen Ashimbaev, the legitimacy of petitions will allow citizens to convey their needs and initiatives to the authorized bodies.

“The laws are aimed at ensuring transparency of work and accountability of government bodies and the quasi-public sector to society. An additional mechanism for expressing citizens' opinions has been introduced - the institution of petitions. These standards will ensure that citizens' opinions are considered when making important decisions. I am confident that the laws approved today will help strengthen public confidence in government agencies and the overall development of our country,” the Speaker of the Senate noted in his speech.

During the meeting, the senators also voiced their parliamentary requests.

Asem Rakhmetova expressed concern about the quality of drinking water and infrastructure in the North Kazakhstan region.

Murat Kadyrbek called on the Government to resume financing projects related to water supply to irrigated lands in the regions of the Turkestan region and the city of Turkestan. The senator named another solution to the problem in the region as the need to build reservoirs.

Amangeldy Tolamisov focused on the shortage of electricity associated with the rapid growth of tourism in the recreation areas of the villages of Akshi and Koktuma in the Zhetysu district. In this regard, the deputy noted the need to build high-voltage power lines and substations.

Bekbolat Orynbekov outlined the difficulties of implementing a number of infrastructure projects that are of key importance for residents of the Zhambyl region.

Bibigul Zheksenbai voiced the problems of social security for medical workers.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by: N.Baibullin)

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