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A meeting of the parliamentary group «Bir el - bir mudde» was held

08.12.2023 61

Senators-members of the deputy group «Bir el - bir mudde» held a meeting, the main topic of discussion of which was the issues of ensuring in the educational process the implementation of the principles «We are different, but we are equal» and «Unity in diversity» in the system of preschool, secondary and higher education.

The head of the deputy group, Nurtore Zhusip, noted during the meeting the importance of raising the level of spiritual and moral development of young people. The senator stressed that tolerance and mutual understanding are the foundations of the unity of the country, which it is important to instill in the younger generation.

«I believe that we should initiate projects that promote the development of tolerance and friendship among young people. Therefore, I propose to consider the issue of organizing a competition of literary works that have such ideological value among young people from ethnic groups of the Republic. Our diverse history has united many ethnic groups under one shanyrak. A country that has united under such difficult conditions should especially value history and its past», - noted Nurtore Zhusip.

The event was also attended by members of Parliament, First Vice-Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Natalya Zhumadildaeva, representatives of government bodies, public organizations and the intelligentsia. 

(Press service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo - A. Baizhumanov)

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