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Senators took part in observing parliamentary elections in Hungary and Serbia

04.04.2022 382

On April 3 this year, a member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan attended the observation of the parliamentary elections in Hungary. Senator Kairat Kozhamzharov was among the observers of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Mission.

As part of the group of international observers, he met with representatives of a number of political parties that nominated candidates for the parliamentary elections. In all, 99 parliamentarians of the OSCE PA from 29 countries took part in the process of observing the elections.

Senator Akmaral Alnazarova participated in the observation of parliamentary elections held in the Republic of Serbia on 3 April 2022.

The observers consisted of 80 parliamentarians and staff from OSCE PA countries who monitored elections in Belgrade, Subotica, Niš and other cities.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27)