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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Date of birth: 01.06.1971

Place of birth: Kazakh SSR; Taldy-Kurgan region; Taldykorgan

Marital status, family ties:

Wife: Nazgul Malkhaidarovna Kylyshbayeva

Children: two sons and a daughter

Languages: Kazakh, Russian

Education, major (qualification), licenses: Kazakh Institute of Agriculture, forestry engineer; Humanitarian Institute named after D. Kunayev, lawyer, legal scientist

Work experience:

1994-1996 - Leading engineer of the hunting management department of the Taldykorgan Forestry Production Association;

1996-1997 - Operational officer of the criminal department of the Almaty regional Department of Internal Affairs

1997-1999 - Assistant to the Akim of Taldykorgan

1999-2003 - Chief Specialist, Head of the Office of the Akim of Zhambyl region;

2003-2004 - Deputy Head, Head of Public Procurement Office, Zhambyl Region;

2004-2010 - Chairman of Zhiger OJSC in Almaty;

2010-2013 - Deputy Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of Almaty Region;

07.2013-06.2016 - Akim of Eskeldinsky district of Almaty region

Party membership: Member of the Nur Otan Party

Elective and deputy positions: Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Almaty region (01.07.2016, re-elected on 29.06.2017), member of the Committee on Finance and Budget (since 04.09.2017)

Awards: anniversary medals, Qurmet Order