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Senator Nurtore Zhusip spoke about the importance of raising the status of the Kazakh language

22.02.2024 40

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Socio-Cultural Development and Science, head of the deputy group "Bir el – bir mudde" Nurtore Zhusip took part in the signing ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation between the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the International Society "Kazakh Tili".

In his speech, Nurtore Zhusip spoke about the high role of the Kazakh language as a unique tool for forming an ecosystem of social harmony and national unity in the country, and also noted that the Head of State pays special attention to the development and enhancement of the status of the Kazakh language.

"The President has repeatedly raised the issue of strengthening the role of the Kazakh language, stressing that over time it should become the language of interethnic communication and an instrument of big politics. I believe that the implementation of the political course of the Head of State in this direction is of strategic importance. After all, as we see, the Kazakh language is acquiring a new look, and its relevance is a fact that does not require unnecessary evidence. Moreover, the popularity of our language is growing not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The international community has a great interest in our language, culture and way of life. I think that the policy of openness and diplomacy of our President contributes to all this. And I think that today's event is one of the important steps to implement the planned course - strengthening the role of the Kazakh language," Nurtore Zhusip said.

In addition, the senator noted that within the framework of the tasks set by the Head of State, the Parliament, represented by the Deputy Group "Bir el – bir Mudde", is also implementing a set of measures aimed at expanding the scope of the state language.

(Senate Press Office, 74-72-27)

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