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Senators will consider the law on ensuring the protection of women's rights and the safety of children

08.04.2024 195

At a meeting of the Senate Bureau chaired by Speaker of the Chamber Maulen Ashimbayev, deputies discussed the upcoming events of the relevant Committees this week and determined the agenda of the meeting scheduled for April 11.

Opening the meeting, Maulen Ashimbayev focused on the key tasks that the Head of State outlined in his address in connection with the difficult flood situation in the regions of the country.

"A state of emergency has been declared in ten regions. The President of the country has given specific instructions to combat the consequences of floods. The Head of State also stressed that the material damage to all flood victims will be compensated. Our Chamber, for its part, also provides assistance to the regions in flood control. A group of Senate deputies is in the regions and provides assistance to local authorities and affected residents of the regions. In this difficult period, it is especially important to consolidate the whole society, unite common efforts in combating the consequences of an emergency situation", the Speaker of the Chamber said.

The senators also approved the agenda of the meeting of the Chamber. So, on Thursday, deputies will consider in the first reading the Law "On Amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on ensuring women's rights and child safety" and the accompanying "On Amendments and Additions to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offenses on ensuring women's Rights and child Safety", developed in accordance with instructions from the Head of State regarding tougher penalties for any form of violence, including family, domestic and public spheres.

"President Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev pays priority attention to the issues of ensuring the protection of women's rights and the safety of children. As part of the instructions of the Head of State, relevant Laws have been developed. The senators support the importance of strengthening measures to protect the rights of women and children. Given the high public importance of these Laws, we intend to submit them to the House for consideration at the next meeting on Thursday", the Speaker of the Senate stressed.

The norms of the documents are aimed at improving the legal, economic, social and organizational foundations of State policy on child safety, prevention and suppression of crimes against women and children.

As Maulen Ashimbayev stressed, these laws caused a wide public outcry, as a result of which personal meetings of senators with citizens were organized and several thousand appeals concerning certain norms of documents were considered. In this regard, the Chairman of the Chamber called on colleagues to strengthen explanatory work on the main provisions of the law, both before its consideration and to continue this work after.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of children, special mechanisms of state control of boarding schools for children are being introduced, mandatory licensing of institutions providing special social services and educational and recreational services for children.

The meeting of the Chamber will also consider the Law "On Amendments and Additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on improving legislation in the areas of population migration and the penal enforcement system", which is aimed at improving legislation in relevant areas.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by: N.Baibullin)

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