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D. Nazarbayeva: Providing Efficient Monitoring of Spending the Funds Allocated for Anti-Crisis Measures is the Task Set to the Deputies

30.04.2020 258

A meeting of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held chaired by Dariga Nazarbayeva.

In her speech, Senate Speaker Dariga Nazarbayeva focused on the issues and problems many Kazakhstanis were currently concerned.

“The pandemic has become a real challenge for the world. It has caused an unprecedented contraction in the global economy, a collapse in oil prices, and put enterprises and private households in a very difficult situation. Its consequences will have an effect for a long time, without exaggeration, on the life of every person. We should be fully aware of it. Everyone will have to make do with less. We all have already lived in a new reality,” D. Nazarbayeva said.

The Head of the Senate emphasized that a number of tasks and concerns had been set to all state authorities and deputies.

“Judging by the situation, almost all economy sectors and people need state support. Given the unfavorable situation in the global economy and the objectively tight resources, we should consider various scenarios and forecasts, assess the real opportunities and reserves. I believe that the main provisions of the Government’s action plan should be discussed with the participation of the Parliament, regions, representatives of economic sectors and the public. This should not be a document adopted behind the scenes. These issues concern everybody,” D. Nazarbayeva suggested.

According to the Head of the Senate, the current priorities of the state policy should include, first of all, security issues, such as food, sanitary and epidemiological security, as well as import substitution: “Reduced oil revenues objectively reduce export opportunities, which means we have to learn to produce a lot domestically.”

D. Nazarbayeva paid particular attention to the development strategies of the agro-industrial complex.

“It is large, medium and small businesses involved in agriculture and animal husbandry that provide our food security. At the Parliamentary hearings held at the beginning of the year, an analysis of the situation in the agricultural sector showed many problems in this sector. The issues exposed under the state of emergency added to the existing problems. This again strengthens our conviction that the state agribusiness development program should be revised. Moreover, with the new realities, this should be done in the first place,” Dariga Nazarbayeva emphasized.

Separately, D. Nazarbayeva touched on the problems that southern agrarians in Kazakhstan faced: “Look at the situation that has developed in the Turkestan Region with the cabbage harvest. The highest likelihood of starvation in many countries is being discussed anxiously all over the world, while we don’t know what to do with the harvest grown,” she said.

According to the Senate Head, the situation should be taken under special control by maslikhats and audit commissions: “We don’t have the right to let the results of farmers’ hard work be lost. As the experience of this month shows, they will need the state support. It must be provided depending on the needs of the domestic market and processing and export opportunities.”

D. Nazarbayeva believes that the control over the spending funds allocated for anti-crisis measures, to support the economy, small and medium-sized businesses, agriculture and citizens is the most important and relevant task for the deputies.

The Senate Head instructed the Senate Committees to keep ongoing monitoring of the enforcement of the Presidential instructions, take control over the implementation of anti-crisis measures of the Government within their scope, and the same for the deputies in their regions.

Separately, D. Nazarbayeva focused on working on the Government Report on the implementation of the 2019 republican budget, which had been submitted to the Parliament. “Given the importance of building a budget planning system properly, we have created the Council for improvement of budget legislation under the Senate, which is operating actively. Many suggestions of the Council have been taken on by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Economy. They should keep on working,” D. Nazarbayeva noted and instructed the Senate Committees to examine the report thoroughly in their areas and, if any problems had been identified, suggest ways to solve them systematically.

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