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Senators checked the execution status of Environmental Projects

05.01.2021 55

Deputies of the Senate Gumar Dyusembayev and Sagyndyk Lukpanov are on a visit to Atyrau region.

During the visit, the Senators visited the Atyrau oil refinery. They got acquainted with the production activities of the plant, the results of scheduled repairs, Tazalyq project and other business projects.

The deputies met with the workers of the plant and spoke with them on their social security issues.

Earlier, a memorandum was signed between the Akimat of Atyrau region and the Atyrau oil refinery on the restoration of the evaporation site, and a “Road Map” was approved indicating specific work tasks and the timing of their implementation.

By the end of 2022, the plant will restore 860 hectares of land. The Deputies noted that this project is of great environmental importance.

Senators visited the site where residential buildings are being built under Nurly Zher program in the settlements of Bereke and Talgayran in Atyrau. It is planned to build 430 apartment buildings in the new microdistricts being built in the area of Talgayran village. These are more than 25 thousand apartments.

During the visit, the Senators also visited Isatay region. As it became known, there is a problem with gas supply to Kyzyluy settlement. About 150 people live in the village. Despite the social difficulties, the villagers do not want to leave their native land. Deputies of the Senate promised to take control of this issue.

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