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Senators discuss desalination plant construction plans

06.01.2021 95

Senate members Baktybai Chelpekov and Suindik Aldashev visited Zhanaozen during their trip to Mangistau region. The senators met with the residents and educators of the city, and visited a gas engine power plant, a sugar factory and a lyceum boarding school.

When visiting the gas engine power plant, commissioned as part of the industrial and innovative development program, the senators examined the workplaces, met with the plant’s staff and discussed issues of economic diversification, industrialization and promotion of domestic goods to foreign markets.

At the meetings, the senators informed about the laws adopted in implementation of the instructions of the Head of State and aimed at improving the living standards of the population. At the meeting with the staff of the sugar factory, the MPs also told about the results of the Senate's legislative work over the past year.

Further, the senators discussed the issues of application of the law "On the status of a teacher" in practice with the teachers of the lyceum boarding school. In addition, the senators met with the residents and talked about drinking water supply. Local authorities are planning to build a desalination plant in Kenderli district located 70 km from Zhanaozen. This plant will solve the problem of the lack of pure drinking water.

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