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Senators find the level of transport security insufficient

26.02.2021 55

The Senate of the Parliament of the RoK held an extended session of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security chaired by Deputy Chairman of the House Askar Shakirov. The discussion of the progress in implementing the Law “On National Security” in terms of ensuring transport security was the key issue on the agenda.

The Vice-Speaker reminded in his speech about the goal set by the Head of the State to enhance the competitiveness of Kazakhstan due to breakthrough infrastructure projects, raise the level of service and speed of transit routes. In particular, there is a task to reconstruct and ensure by 2025 the road service for 24 thousand kilometers of roads, that is, all of the roads of republican status. 

It will be recalled that earlier senators announced the issues of the national transit potential development in their deputy request to the Government.

“An important sector-specific issue is the lack of transport security, the low level of public satisfaction with the state policy in this field. Enhancement of operation efficiency of the transport sector should be considered as one of the priority tasks of the state policy,” Askar Shakirov said. 

The session involved an exchange of views, in which representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the National Security Committee, the Ministries of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Foreign Affairs and Defense, other departments and public organizations took part.

Senators were reported on legal, organizational and technical problems in the transport security area, and on the steps taken to resolve these issues. Specifically, they were informed on the implementation of the relevant legislation, the initiation of amendments to the certification requirements of aircraft operators, expansion of international cooperation aimed at drawing investment in the transport sector.   

To sum up the session, Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed noted that there is a need for concerted activities of all government authorities to increase the transport security, as an integral part of the national economic security. He also expressed confidence that government authorities would consider the senators’ recommendations voiced at the session.

The Senate deputies declared their willingness to help address the transport security issues through lawmaking.

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