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Senators discussed readiness of state bodies for spring floods

02.03.2021 69

An enlarged meeting of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security was held under the chairmanship of Senator Mukhtar Kul-Mohammed. The meeting participants discussed the readiness of the forces and facilities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and individual regions for the spring-flood period.

 “In Kazakhstan, every spring is accompanied by significant floods. The rural population is particularly affected. Every year government agencies report on preparations for an emergency, but when spring flood comes, there are not always enough forces and facilities, preparation is far from perfect”, Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed addressed the meeting participants.

He also recalled that last year, during the Government Hour on Water Security, senators proposed specific measures aimed at preventing flood threats.

In his speech, Minister of Emergency Situations, Yuri Ilyin, noted that the Ministry, together with Akimats, in 2017 identified 905 settlements that at most risk for susceptible to spring flooding. To date, such a threat has already been removed with regard to 315 settlements across the country and risks for another 314 have been minimized. There are more than 70 thousand residential buildings in which more than 350 thousand people live. Another of the unresolved issues, according to the Minister, is the state of water facilities. About 500 of these hydraulic structures are now in need of repair and modernization.

During the meeting, its participants emphasized the need to tackle a number of specific tasks that will positively affect the fight against flood threats. In particular, it is important to improve the planning of the development of settlements in order to prevent flooding of houses and objects located within the water protection zones and strips. When designing, building, reconstructing, repairing and operating roads, it is also important to take into account natural and climatic factors. In addition, it is necessary to provide for the distribution of funding for multifactorial research and development of a declaration of dam safety.

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