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Senators considered the presentation of the Head of State on the dismissal of judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan

02.03.2021 94

An enlarged meeting of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies took place today. During the meeting, the deputies considered the candidates submitted by the President of the country for the dismissal of judges of the Supreme Court, in connection with the appointment to another position and resignation.

In addition, during the meeting, the Senators discussed the draft law “On the ratification of the Treaty between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Bulgaria on the transfer of convicted persons”. The draft law is aimed at regulating relations between the competent authorities of Kazakhstan and Bulgaria on the transfer of convicted persons for further serving their sentences in the state of their citizenship.

 “In general, it is known that our prisoners abroad experience difficulties in meeting their relatives due to lack of funds and language barriers, as well as adequate satisfaction of basic needs. Thus, the Treaty will allow foreigners and our citizens, in case of committing a crime in another country, to serve their sentence in their homeland, and after release, to quickly adapt to the social environment”, said Senate deputy Nurlan Beknazarov.

Another issue on the agenda was the consideration of the draft law “On the ratification of the Convention of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the transfer of the execution of punishments not related to imprisonment”.

This Convention provides for the right of a convicted person or his legal representative to apply for the transfer of the sentence enforcement to the State of his citizenship.

“Ratification of the Convention will increase the effectiveness of the crime prevention, will contribute to the correction of convicts, their social rehabilitation and the prevention of new crimes. In this regard, we can say that the Convention under consideration today is relevant and timely”, said Senator Ryskali Abdikerov.

Draft laws have been submitted to the Chamber for consideration.

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