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Senate adopted amendments to the Law on Science

04.03.2021 100

At a meeting of the Senate chaired by the Speaker of the Chamber, Maulen Ashimbayev, the deputies considered and adopted the Law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on science issues”, initiated by parliamentarians. Its main goal is to improve the scientific, scientific and technical sphere and commercialize its results. In particular, the proposed innovations will enable funding a wide range of scientific research from the republican budget. It is expected that this will help increase the number of applied scientific discoveries, as well as the contribution of science to the development of the country’s economy.

 “The adopted Law will create an additional legal basis for reducing corruption risks in the field of science financing and will ensure the transparency of the commercialization of scientific, scientific and technical activities and research works. The competences of national scientific councils and the National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise are also specified. In addition, it is planned to provide social support and encourage scientists who have contributed to the development of science and technology. For this, the annual award “Best scientific worker” is provided. In general, we hope that this Law will contribute to the development of science in our country. The draft law also provides for the rotation of the first heads of state educational institutions”, said the Speaker of the Senate.

In addition, the deputies considered the draft law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on industrial safety, industrial zones, wildlife, specially protected natural areas, energy, natural monopolies and housing payments to employees of internal affairs bodies”. Amendments made by Senators will allow families of police officers killed in the line of duty or injured to continue receiving housing benefits. Having approved these social amendments, Senators returned the draft law to the Mazhilis.

At the same time, the Senators considered the draft law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of advocacy and legal assistance” initiated by the Deputies of the Parliament. The main goal of this draft law is to increase the guarantees of citizens’ right to receive qualified legal assistance. For example, Senators have removed the rule according to which it was proposed to exempt from testing knowledge of the laws of some candidates for obtaining the status of a legal consultant. After discussing and submitting their proposals, Senators also returned this draft law to the Mazhilis for reconsideration.

The Agreement is aimed at the development of a common market for livestock breeding between the EAEU countries and the elimination of barriers to mutual trade, the decision to ratify which was made today by the deputies of the Senate. We are talking about the Law “On the ratification of the Agreement on measures aimed at unifying the selection and breeding work with farm animals within the Eurasian Economic Union”.

The issue of dismissing judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan was also on the agenda of Senators. Thus, on the proposal of the President of the country and in accordance with the Constitution, Senators dismissed the judge of the Supreme Court Serik Abnasirov in connection with his resignation. In addition, on the proposal of the Head of State, Anatoly Smolin was dismissed from the post of a judge of the Supreme Court in connection with the appointment to another position.

During the meeting Senators also voiced the existing parliamentary inquiries addressed to the Prime Minister of the country. Deputy Akmaral Alnazarova touched upon youth health issues. Senator Altynbek Nukhuly raised the topic of the ideological content of Nauryz Meiramy celebration. Nurtore Zhusip appealed to the Prime Minister of the country with a request to support library and archival affairs sector. Moreover, the deputy Duysengazy Musin spoke about the need to develop beekeeping and maral breeding.

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