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Olga Bulavkina met with farmers of the East Kazakhstan region

04.05.2021 47

Senate Deputy Olga Bulavkina visited the Borodulikha district of the East Kazakhstan region. The first site for the senator’s visit was the sports and recreation center of the Borodulikha village. The deputy has inspected its construction, pointing out that close attention is paid to the development of the national grassroots and children’s sports at the highest level. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev outlined the priority of solving this very issue in his Address to the People of Kazakhstan, as well as in his speech at the opening of the first session of the Parliament of the 7th convocation in January this year. The senator said that the construction of such facilities would boost the development of grassroots sports, and thus increase the number of adherents of healthy lifestyles.

The state of the healthcare system in the district was also discussed at the senator’s meeting with doctors and the administration of the Central District Hospital. The medical workers told the deputy what measures have been taken to counteract the Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the clinic has 22 beds in the infectious disease in-patient department, 4 - in the intensive care unit, and 50 more beds are in reserve.

During the meeting with heads of peasant households, Olga Bulavkina called on farmers for the more active creation of feeding stations to increase the cattle population and improve the breeding base. The deputy emphasized that senators will provide all necessary legislative support for the development of agriculture, because, ultimately, it would improve the standard of living in rural areas and increase the income of villagers.

“The future of the agro-industrial complex depends directly on the increase of its competitive ability. It will allow you to join the agricultural market as a full-fledged player. Together with you, we are working towards a comprehensive solution to social issues in the village. With the support from the government and involvement of business, the agricultural sector will become stronger and life in the village will be more comfortable and attractive,” Olga Bulavkina said.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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